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You Be the Investigator !!!


"Tim and his crew helped me set up a private investigation as a surprise anniversary gift for my wife. It was an amazing experience and we had so much fun, these guys are the real deal!"

Christopher W.

Investigation Guest

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the most incredible evening with the Ghostly Experiences team at The Redland Hotel last weekend! Tim and the entire Ghostly Experiences team were incredibly knowledgeable, highly experienced, super friendly, extremely patient (with our novice questions), and completely entrusted us to use their expensive equipment to explore and investigate the hotel. The hotel staff were also overly accommodating and fabulous. We were delighted to experience a lot of 'activity' using EMF meters and EVP recordings. This memorable experience exceeded all expectations and we've already signed-up (and bringing another friend) for the next Ghostly Experiences event at Gold Coast Railroad on December 4th. Can't wait!!!

Heidi F.

Paranormal Boot Camp/ Investigation Guest

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